By Saheed Animashaun


“Na wa oo…African leaders and their sit-tightism

“E wo la tun rigbo oo”

“Na your baba na!”

“Which baba are you talking about?”

“Your demi-god, Saibaba”

“I have told you to stop taunting me in that manner; Buhari is not my Baba, he is our president. Anyway, what accusations have you levelled against him again, unrepentant Wailer!”

“He has travelled to the UK again. This time, he chose to appoint Osinbajo as the coordinator of government’s affairs in his absence! He is clearly trying to limit Osinbajo’s rising popularity! It is obvious his health is poor and he cannot cope with the hassles of being president of the most populous black nation on earth. He should put himself out of the misery and honourably resign”

“What nonsense are you spewing out? Are you deranged? Do you know the amount of havoc Buhari resigning will bring forth? And for your information, the brouhaha that greeted Buhari’s letter to NASS was needless. I agree he could have avoided controversy by using the term “Acting”. But that’s irrelevant. He referenced Section 145 of the 1999 constitution (as amended) in the letter. The moment he transmitted that he would be unavailable, Osinbajo effectively became the Acting President in line with the constitution. More importantly, Buhari resigning will deal a knockout blow to the biggest anti-corruption crusade in Africa. Have you been following events in the news at all? The previously shoeless Uncle Jona and his cronies practically emptied the treasury! Buhari promised to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria and he has been doing so brilliantly without caring whose ox is gored.”

“Let me let you land, before I bring out the silliness in your thought process”

“In the past two years, mind-boggling details as to how billions of naira and millions of dollars of tax payers’ money was criminally embezzled under the watchful eyes of that clueless drunkard from Otueke that can wear a hat to bed have been exposed! He ran Nigeria like a banana republic and we are extremely lucky to have a man of integrity like Buhari to replace him. Buhari resigning now would basically signal an end to this anti-corruption crusade”

“Can you hear yourself? If Buhari resigning would end the anti-corruption war, is that not the ultimate hallmark of a failed leadership? Is the anti-corruption crusade institution-based or personality-based? It is shallow at best to hinge your argument on Buhari not resigning on the premise that it would truncate the anti-corruption drive. Which anti-corruption war are you talking of sef? How long did it take for the SFG to be suspended after he had been cleared in a letter to NASS? Even Zahra and that her billionaire husband used the presidential jet some days ago!”

“The problem I have with you idealists a.k.a “intelekshuals” is that you always think of everything in black and white! You have a thousand and one ideas as to what should obtain in an ideal environment but fail to recognize our realities as a people. This is Nigeria! The tenets of democracy are largely not in tandem with our culture! While it is desirable to have institution-based reforms, it is simply not practicable at the moment. Deride it as much as you can; the undisputable fact is that at this point in time, Buhari is the singular most effective weapon against corruption in Nigeria.”

“Nigerians are an absolute joke! Die-hard buharists like you are even worse! You all suffer from a delusion of grandeur. In your deranged mind, you believe Buhari is a sort of messiah and without him, Nigeria cannot be fixed. The exact same things you pilloried Jonathan for, you turn a blind eye when Buhari does the same things! I would leave it at that! At this point in time, a second term seems like a mirage for Buhari. Let’s even assume he does one more term. In 2023, I guess you would push for a constitutional reform to enable him to have a go at a third term!”

“Oga park well jare! Do not twist my words”


“Anyway, let me move on! Another reason Baba should not resign is because of the fragmented state of the nation at the moment. The last general election fully exposed the deep ethnic/religious divide in Nigeria. Imagine, the kind of sensationalisms that would be brewed in the core North in such instance. I am sure you would find it absurd that the whole nation should allow itself be held to ransom over the primitiveness and savagery of a people. But we are talking reality here, not ideals.”!

“Bull shit! Jona deservedly lost an election and all hell wasn’t loose. All Buhari would need to do, is speak to his people. They listen to him.”

“Enough of your self-righteous arguments, give me a good reason Baba should resign”

“Poor health! It is so bad that we have to be grateful to the President anytime he appears in public. For a man that had accountability and transparency as one of his campaign promises, it is a shame that very few people know his exact health status. What illness is he suffering from? How chronic is it? No one knows! He is an elected President fa! No be military head of state!”

“Balderdash! Has his ill health hampered his functions as president? Each time he has travelled, he has done the “needful” by informing the NASS, thereby making Professor Osinbajo act as president in accordance with Section 145 of the 1999 constitution as amended”

“You are not getting the gist. Buhari was elected as president for a reason. He is seen as an incorruptible, brave, and full of integrity. Don’t get it twisted. While Buhari would never have won without APC (Tinubu), APC too would never have defeated GEJ without Buhari. No other Northern politician has the near-occultist type of following Buhari has. Buhari was voted because many Nigerians were confident that he would be in charge and on top of it all! His ill health has deprived him of that expectation. He no longer appears in public like before. He no longer addresses the nation as frequently as before. At this juncture, many Nigerians are simply not confident that the no-nonsense man they voted is the one running the show. That’s why it’s best he resigns. That would be better than allowing whatever legacy he has, be destroyed by the power players in his cabinet.This is where altruism comes in! Nigeria is greater than anyone individual. If he indeed loves Nigeria, and he is a passionate about changing Nigeria, the mere fact that that his health can’t no longer bare the rigorousness of being president, would push him to lay down a marker by resigning”

“It is pointless debating with you, you are clearly stubbornly wedded to this your resignation idea. Leave our Baba alone! As long as his health is not hampering his duties as President, he should remain. By the way he has an uber-qualified vice to act in his absence.”

“Oga gbagbe jare! Make we go find better things do with our lives instead of wasting our time on all these politricksters

Saheed Animashaun (@Ani_gene) is a social commentator. He writes from Lagos and can be reached via