Opinion poll: How would you rate PMB’s administration so far?

The Outcome of The Last General Election was one that evoked Roars all over the Country. Roars, not of Violence, but a roar that symbolized “The Breathe of Fresh Air and The Birth of A New Political era, fronted by an individual of High Level of Honesty, Morality and Hatred for Corruption”. The words of The First African Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka during the wake of the elections still resonate as loud as ever: “Both Presidential Candidates (GEJ and Muhammad Buhari) were not best, however GEJ was a greater evil that needed to be voted out to avert great calamity for this country…”. Well, that was a summary of The Wise Nobel Laureate’s view of both men.

However, Could it Be that the New Administration has along the Line lost its Road map? It will be important to note that President Muhammad Buhari’s Administration has reached it’s Ninth Month, and some section of the masses claim there is no Tangible and Visible Achievement, ‘except for the Fight against Corruption’, which some have equally claimed to be One-sided. Nonetheless, Could the “Go-Slow” In the efficacy of this New Administration be as a result of the ‘yet to be passed 2016 budget’ by the National Assembly? Since the Budget is a document that allocates expenses to every Ministry of Government in carrying out their various Ministerial Duties, all aimed towards reforming the Nigerian Society and providing the standard basic amenities to make life easy for Nigerians.

Having said all this; how do the citizens really feel? This Opinion Poll is meant to feel the pulse of the masses. Please have your pick below:

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