Today, the 7th day of March in 1876, the 29-year-old Scottish-born American inventor, scientist, and teacher of the deaf, Alexander graham Bell received a patent for his foremost invention – the Telephone. Bell had many rivals in the race to the discovery of the telephone including Thomas Edison, but it was Elisha Gray who gave him the toughest of time. Bell filed a patent describing his method of transmitting sounds on February 14, 1876, just hours before Gray filed a caveat (a statement of concept) on a similar method. On this day, March 7, in 1876, the Patent Office awarded Bell what is said to be one of the most valuable patents in history!

Also on this day, 07/03 in 1987, the 20-year-old American boxer Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight to acquire the World Boxing Association (WBA) championship belt when he defeated James Smith in 12 rounds!