This day, the 26th day of February in 1815, the French General and Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, escaped from exile in Elba. As a result of the combined invasions of Great Britain, Austria, Russia and Prussia, Napoleon was forced to exile on May 4 1814, only to return on this day in 1815 stronger and began the hundred days heat up to the battle of Waterloo!

Also on this day, 26th February in 1885, it was the conclusion of the Berlin West African Conference, a conference proposed by Portugal where the European “Big boys” including France, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal “shared” the whole of Africa into several colonies leading to a century of colonization of Africa!

On this same day, 26/02 in 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time. a large bomb from unknown source was planted at the base of the building and exploded, killing six people and injuring 1000 others!