Today, the 25th day of February in 1862, US president Abraham Lincoln ordered the introduction of the first paper currency in United States (greenbacks)!

Also on this day, 25th February in 1964, in what became the greatest upset of sporting event in history, the underdog Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Marcellus Clay) defeated the reigning heavy weight champion Sonny Liston. The poll then switched in favour of Liston with 8 to 1 probability. But the brave Muhammad Ali (clay) who had vowed to knock out Liston in the 8th round by “flying like butterfly and stinging like a bee” shocked the word by doing so just in the 7th round!

On this same day, 25/02 in 2015, it was the preliminary of the maiden edition of the UNILAG challenge organized by MSSN UNILAG. it was an annual inter-faculty quiz challenge in model of the defunct Zain African Challenge. the grand finale was held few weeks later at the Annual Academic Counseling Seminar (ACS) of MSSN UNILAG (won by the Faculty of Law) but unfortunately, subsequent edition could not hold due to the withholding of the branch’s activities!