Wouldn’t Corruption Kill this Economy?

Its seems almost impossible to stop the endless menace called corruption. As President Muhammadu Buhari keeps advocating for the fight against corruption and sheer indiscipline on all forms, I can say that many of those who are supposed to be partners in this fight, have at some points in the history of Nigeria, soiled their hands in some form of corrupt practices. Thus, making it hard for them to fight this scourge.
Since the year, 2015, and during the days of campaign for change or continued transformation, I was engaged by some friends on reasons why some preferred either President Goodluck Ebere Johnathan [GEJ] or General Muhammadu Buhari [GMB] (as he was popularly referred to at that time) , as both had history of leading this country at some times in history as the contenders for the office of presidency of the federal republic of Nigerian during the April polls. GEJ was presently ruling while GMB was a former president, almost thirty years back.
Issues of the personality of both leaders were x-rayed extensively, with every one of us debating both constructively, and with personal bias. But one thing which we all agreed on, was that corruption had eaten deep into the structure called Nigeria. We looked deeply at ‘why’ and ‘who’ among the two main contenders (GEJ and GMB), had different backgrounds and ruled using different methods, civilian and military. However, their respective hunger to end corruption differs, although both candidates had plans that could revive Nigeria and put the country on a pedestal of growth and development.
Today, the Fight Against Corruption and Corrupt Practices has been on for about 8 months, and we can all see corruption fighting back. What do I mean? Apart from the elite class who have been involve with large volumes of money being squandered, the poor men on the streets and in their small capacities are finding it hard to stop theirs. It’s most painful, as they extort people they are meant to assist financially (imagine the case of employees of a firm, requesting for bribe to forward a Curriculum Vitae and letter of application from an unemployed person). We read about prominent individuals on the pages of newspapers, and we silently hear about low profile personalities extorting the poor. Is this the change we crave for, or the way we destroyed our well packaged transformation.
I continue to pity the youths, who have sold their rights and are still selling theirs for amounts, that would not buy them economic freedom and secured future. “Is this your contribution to the betterment of Nigeria; Or your passport to the future you want?” Talk less, matcheting yourselves, breaking your arms and legs or killing for people who you were born equal. I would like to ask, do you feel someone is superior to you? Or your life is worth nothing than a bad record?
I need no reason to start explaining what Change we expect, for we all have an idea of the Ideals. I would also, not dispute the fact that the economy is been faced with a variety of challenges from all sector, but corruption is not the solution. It would only make the situation worse. The young people today would suffer it more if we do not rise up to the challenge of putting an end to corruption.
To fellow youths and adults alike, the fight to end corruption and corrupt practices is and should be a collective one. No one is to be left behind if we truly want this country to rise again.

©Sen. Aminu Lookman Enitan
Youth Senator, Representing Lagos East Senatorial District at the Nigerian Youth Parliament of the National Assembly.
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