imagesBy Pastor Niyi Adebayo.

No doubts, the memory of Saint Valentine will remain evergreen in the annals of the Roman Catholic Church as a passionate Priest who risked his life to join several couples in marriage against the ruthless order of the then Emperor Claudius. Far back in the 5th century, the emperor needed more men in the army and felt their allegiance to their spouses and children was distracting them, so he outlawed marriage and compelled young men to join the army. St Valentine discovered that the insensitive decree was ungodly and it was promoting sexual immorality. He felt moved by passion and was conducting weddings for intending young men against the wicked order of Emperor Claudius to avoid them sleeping around. The priest was arrested and jailed. He was (according to oral traditions) killed on February 14, 259 or 269 (about 1,747 years ago)… Valentine’s Day HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WILD PARTIES, ILLICIT SEX, WASTEFUL SPENDINGS AND ALL FORMS OF UNGODLINESS. IN THE CONTRARY, THE MAN, ST VALENTINE DIED WHILE PREVENTING THOSE VICES! From my many encounters with various young boys and girls, too many people lost their virginity on Valentine’s Day! Many abortions! Unscrupulous dates/datings, senseless giving and taking of rings and rose flowers…. What a world of many fantasies, vanities, illusions and phantasies! That this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday further heightens the temptation since it’s a work-free day! On 14/2/2016, the destinies of many young girls will be bought with a pack of ice cream or a blackberry phone. If the man: St Valentine is in heaven now, why must you go to hell while celebrating his memory?